Wacaco offers portable coffee makers with the concept to enjoy a cup of coffee on the go without the need of battery nor electricity. We now introduce, MiniPresso NS2 - Smaller, Lighter, Faster, a more sustainable coffee maker that makes the same great taste. Being space-saving and sustainable as well as the use of recycled materials, we started to think what else we can do to contribute to a greener planet. The responsibility for protecting the enviroment is pushing our boundaries to step forward, after months of sourcing and testing, we succeed in adopting the use of Eco-conscious materials - Biomass, the organic plant-based plastics in Minipresso NS2.

  • COMPACT DESIGN easy preparation and quick clean-up. Added drip tray keeps the mess out of the equation.
  • SUPER EASY TO USE - Better ergonomy, the new squircle profile offers a superior grip to hold the brewer and manipulate the water tank lid. The extra large piston makes the pumping action even more comfortable and smooth.
  • INTEGRATED WATER TANK - MiniPresso NS2 has an integrated water tank that simplifies the preparation of espresso. With a coffee capsule and hot water, your favorite espresso drink is served in seconds.
  • THERMAL PROTECTION - Cool touch, its double wall structure ensures good thermal isolation, a synonym of a comfortable extraction.
  • MADE FROM ECO FRIENDLY MATERIALS - Eco-conscious, designed with plant-based plastics of 30% biomass materials. Not only you enjoy your espresso but at the same time contributes to a greener planet.

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