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Cuisinart Cordless Hand Blender

Price $186.00
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In our cordless collection, the rechargeable hand blender, with its range of accessories, is perfect for a multitude of culinary preparations, for mixing, mixing, emulsifying, whipping and chopping.

Cuisinart Cordless Hand Mixer

Price $161.00
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Part of our Cordless Collection, the Cordless Power Hand Mixer with stainless steel beaters, makes light work of mixing dough, cake batter, icing, meringues and whipping cream. It's also great for mashing potatoes.

Cuisinart Griddle & Grill

Price $355.00
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The Griddle & Grill is a really useful multi-cooker in your kitchen. The grill or griddle plates, interchangeable and compatible with the dishwasher, allow you to make many recipes: pancakes, paninis, or stea