• Relieve stress and fatigue and let the MicroCurrent Skin Scrubber & Blackhead Remover | 9 in 1 work its threefold magic of lifting, firming and toning your facial contours as it focuses on these aspects of the skin:

– Impurities

– Texture

– Skin Glow

– Skin Hygiene

– Fine Lines

– Massage

– Skin Toning

• Now exfoliate your skin and cleanse it from deep within with a Thermo Facial Exfoliation Session or massage and moisturize it for that spotless radiance with an Intense Facial Moisturization Session and so much more! Your MicroCurrent Skin Scrubber & Blackhead Remover | 9 in 1 comes equipped with:

– Skin Scan & Personal Routine Guide powered by cutting-edge AI technology to ensure you get the most out of your device

– Dry & Dead Cell Removing Technology to cleanse the deeper layers of your skin and keep it blemish-free

– SmartSonic Pulsation Technology that shakes loose dirt & residue

– MicroCurrent Face-Lift Technology that exercises over 65 facial muscles to fight signs of aging

– Red Light Active Regeneration Technology that minimizes fine lines

– Youthful Glow Massage Technology – a 3-tiered miracle that lifts, firms and tones

– Pore-Opening Deep Warming Technology that unclogs your skin and preps it for your Routine

– ION+ Ultra Hygienic Deep Cleansing that gently exfoliates the skin

– ION- Deep Nurturing Technology that draws out dirt through magnetic attraction

• Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, the GESKE German Beauty Tech App’s powerful algorithm analyzes your skin and recommends devices that are perfectly tailored to your skin’s needs. Set your Skin Goals and follow thousands of video-guided training Sessions to get the most out of your device. Dive into the never-before-seen experience of observing your skin inching towards visible perfection with GESKE.

• Grant your skin the nourishment it needs and ensure it remains free of impurities with the MicroCurrent Skin Scrubber & Blackhead Remover | 9 in 1.


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