• With the MicroNeedle, Cooling and Rose Quartz attachments, the MicroNeedle Face Roller | 9 in 1 is the ideal device for the home-spa experience as it focuses on the following aspects of your skin:

– Skin Glow

– Texture

– Skin Toning

– Eye Bags

– Fine Lines

• Offer your facial muscles the much needed relaxation and smoothen the texture of your skin with the MicroNeedle Face Roller | 9 in 1. Just hop onto the GESKE German Beauty Tech App and check out the Revitalizing Cooling Roller, Reinvigorating Rose Quartz Roller or the Stimulating Face & Neck MicroNeedling Sessions for that pick-me-up your skin needs.

• Your MicroNeedle Face Roller | 9 in 1 comes equipped with:

– Skin Scan & Personal Routine Guide powered by cutting-edge AI technology to ensure you get the most out of your device

– SmartSonic Pulsation Technology that gently massages your skin and supports your sessions

– Red Light Active Regeneration Technology that minimizes fine lines

– Cell Stimulation System to kickstart the skin’s natural regeneration processes

– Impurities Prevention Technology that guarantees cleaner skin for longer durations

– Fine Lines Refinement Technology that smoothes over signs of aging with precision

– Energizing Cooling Technology that fights puffiness and fatigue, giving you refreshed skin

– DeepDerma Skin Renewal & Firming Technology that stimulates the deeper layers of the skin

– Detox Rose Quartz Spa Session that improves micro-circulation and gives you visibly brighter skin

• Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, the GESKE German Beauty Tech App’s powerful algorithm analyzes your skin and recommends devices that are perfectly tailored to your skin’s needs. Set your Skin Goals and follow thousands of video-guided training Sessions to get the most out of your device. Dive into the never-before-seen experience of observing your skin inching towards visible perfection with GESKE.


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