List of products by brand Gamesir

  • GameSir - Wireless MFI...

    Compatible with all Apple devices.

    Built-in smartphone bracket holder, mount you phone easily and play anywhere outdoor.

    Professional gaming experience for shooting.

  • GameSir Conductive Grip

    No bluetooth.

    Easy to install and use.

    Easy to control screen using 6 fingers.

    Full screen display.

    Easy to charge phone while using.

  • GameSir Firestick Grip

    Game won't detect you as a emulator player so that there's no risk of being kicked out of the game or accounts being banned.

    Fits any smartphones from 4.5 inches to 6.4 inches.

    Charge and plug in earphones while playing.

  • GameSir- F1 Joystick grip...

    Compatible with all touch-screen smartphones

    Perfect for any game that has an on-screen control pad such as Pubg games, Fortnite.

  • GS-T4 GameSir - Wireless...

    GameSir T4 2.4G Wireless Wired Game Controller supports PC

    Dual Vibration game experience in PC games.

    emi-transparent Cover Shows Excellent Contents, Play Brilliantly with RGB Backlighting.