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Delonghi Dehumidfier 10 L - White

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The Delonghi DEX210 dehumidifier is multifunctional: it dehumidifies and dries laundry in silence. Breathe better by controlling your humidity level.

Honey Well Air Cooler - 60L

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This powerful evaporative air cooler is the perfect choice to keep large indoor and semi-outdoor environments comfortably cool and breezy. Its capable motor helps to deliver the highest air flow in our range of indoor evaporative air coolers while a 40-cm fan blade and triple honeycomb media keep performance optimal. A continuous water supply connection, massive 60-liter water tank, and built-in overflow protection system allow long periods of unattended operation, making it perfect for more demanding and commercial applications.

Delonghi Ionizer 25M² 3 Layers Filtration Air...

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This air cleaner is ideal for cleaning your room air for the home or in the office. Thanks to the ioniser, dust particles, pollen or smoke are neutralized. In addition, the air cleaner with the 3-phase filter system.

Delonghi Ionizer 40M² 5 Layers Filtration Air...

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The DeLonghi AC150 Energy Star Air Purifier with Ionizer incorporates the latest technological features for quiet, home air filtration and is suitable for rooms up to 150 square feet. It has five layers of air filtration including the pre-filter, HEPA filter, active carbon filter, photo catalytic filter with UVC lamp and ionizer with on/off function cleaning the air and removing impurities down to a size of 0.3 microns including dust, pollen, cigarette smoke and car exhaust fumes. DeLonghi's AQS air quality system uses a unique lighted sensor system to give you visible feedback on the room's air quality (orange for bad, green for satisfactory and blue for good) adjusting the fan speed as the room's air quality changes. Convenience features include a sensor touch LED control panel, timer (1, 3, 4 or 8 hours) and filter indicator.

Delonghi Dehumidifier 2.1L - 195W

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This drying and dehumidifying machine is very suitable for daily use, applicable to bedrooms, offices, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc.

Midea 3 in 1 Turbo Filter Air Purifier

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This handy little air purifier is a great addition to your home environment, especially if you have pets or children as it ensures a steady supply of purified fresh air. It has a powerful air delivery rate of 200m3/h with 4 fan speeds and contains a 3 in 1 compound filter consisting of a pre filter, HEPA filter and active carbon filter which helps to eliminate most particles and smells from your air.

Midea Compact Dehumidifier - 20L

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The Midea dehumidifiers avoid problems with condensation, mold formation or musty odors. Especially in bathrooms, cellars, laundry rooms, kitchens and poorly ventilated rooms